Thursday, May 1, 2008


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You are going to create a new album. Begin by uploading your photos to your new album. Make sure you have prepared them previously and they are all cropped and the right way up.

Now choose a theme if you desire one.Click next and then customise your pictures to your own taste.
When you are happy with the pictures click on 'view album'

Look for the embed code - you will find it by clicking this link
It will look like this

Now embed your bubbleshare in the same way as you learnt in the previous post about videos.

Publish your post and your bubbleshare will play.
BubbleShare: Share photos - Powered by BubbleShare

If you want your bubbleshare to play in the sidebar, go to layout

and click on add a new page element.

Choose an html element,

paste in the embed code and publish.

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