Thursday, May 1, 2008


Adding video to your blog is easy. You can add someone elses video that you have viewed on the web, or you can add your own video.

If you are wanting to add your own video, you must first of all upload it to the internet. You can upload it directly to blogger by clicking the video button and uploading as you would an image. If you choose this way then you need not read on, but if you want to use your video on other or multiple sites then you will need to upload to a video hosting site, such as youtube, teachertube, googlevideo, schooltube, etc. Just make sure your video is in the correct format (.mov . flv .avi etc) and upload following the instructions on the website.

Once the video is on the internet and viewable then you need to embed it into your blog.
The way you do this is the same for all sites. You need to find the 'embed code'. It will be somewhere on the same page as the video is when it is being played.

For the major sites it will look something like this:
Youtube -
Teachertube -

Google Video -Schooltube -
Now that you have the embed page you need to put it on your page.

Look for the 'edit html' tab on the top of the page on which you are writing the post. Click this tab.

Don't worry if the text now looks like goobledegoop - you don't need to understand it.
Scroll to the end of the text and paste in your code. It will look something like this -

Now just publish your blog and your video will play inside it.
Great job.

If you want to turn off the sometimes inappropriate trailers that appear at the end of a youtube video you will need to locate the code as below and insert the red text (&rel=0) exactly as it appears in the picture below (the xxxx will be numbers).

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