Thursday, May 1, 2008


Embedding audio into your file is a little more difficult as it will require a few steps.
You will need to have your audio file ready. I find it is better to have them saved as mp3s so most players will handle them.

You will now need to upload the mp3 to internet file storage space. This can be any space - it could be your own school internet space, or it could be one of the free storage sites offered online such as -
and many, many more.
Once your file is uploaded you need to get the online url for the file e.g.

Now you need to get an embed code for an audio player. Here is one you could use -

You will need to copy this carefully as I was unable to type it in for you to copy and paste - (it would have resulted in a player sitting where the code should be!)

Once your player is embedded it will look like this

There are also many sites that offer you free players, and some of them look very nice. One I have used is at podcast-player - no registration needed - just follow the instructions on the front page

by type in the url for your audio file

and they will give you the code for a player that looks like this.


Chay-Ya said...

Is there a way to put music on a blog and not upload it to a file storage site, for instance the music that someone else has made that you dont have the rights to use but just want their song to play on your blog?

Bronzeville Curmudgeon said...

You have a great blog and it is quite helpful. Visit and leave a comment and or follow if you'd like. Thanks

John Campbell said...

Thanks for the tips, I just hope that filefreak or boommp3 don't shut down without warning like did. Thousands of teachers lost audio and files from their blogs and sites and the damage has done to the trust of bloggers is permanent.
Remember, if you rely on one of these free hosting sites, keep backups of all your audio because at any time one of these sites can shut down and all your code is worthless.
I despise for what they did to their trusting members.
I use audio on my site and am looking for a new free hosting site I can trust. But I guess you get what you pay for, even on the internet.