Thursday, May 1, 2008


Clustrmaps are a great way to see how many readers you have and where they come from. They are very affirming for children who love to see the red dots grow on the map.
To get a clustrmap on your blog you will need to register at clustrmaps first.

Fill in the form with your actual blog address where the map is going to be placed and your email address

Clustrmaps will then send you an email with a password. Use that password to log in
and the code will be generated for you.
Copy it.

Now go to your blog and click on 'Add a Page Element' on your 'Page Elements' page.

Select 'html element' and paste in the code. Now you will have a clustrmap in your sidebar.

If you want another clustrmap for another blog, you will have to complete all these steps again including reregistering.
Clustrmaps last for 1 year. After 1 year the map is archived and will start again. You will have continue to have access to the archives.

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